Be Part of the In Crowd: Inform, Inspire, Influence

Be Part of the In Crowd: Inform, Inspire, Influence

Need to share information with customers or employees, inspire a donor to make a contribution to your organization, or influence consumer behavior? I can help!

I'm a creative and experienced copywriter with a long and varied career working for advertising agencies, corporations, startups and nonprofits. My sweet spot is writing communications with an inspirational angle or playful/conversational tone. I particularly love to interview people and share their stories, inspire potential donors to support a nonprofit's cause, promote consumer brands with personality (or help them create one), and engage employees through internal communications that inform and connect.


Expertise Profile articles, corporate communications, marketing and promotional materials (email blasts, print collateral, campaign themes, etc.), newsletters, website content, event materials, culture-related communications, nonprofit materials

Skills Writing, creative project management, video production coordination

Location Denver, Colorado